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"I am thrilled to have found this store... so excited to be able to treat myself without the guilt!!!"
Every day people struggle to stay on their diets because they feel they need to deprive themselves in order to lose weight.

With Linda's Diet Delites, access foods that maintain variety, create a fat burning environment, and lead to a sustained healthy lifestyle.

Already know you need variety and ready to calm some cravings?
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1. Greater diet food choices lead to success because you:
- enjoy your food more
- don't become bored
- no longer crave types of food you have restricted

Linda's Diet Delites gives you access to such variety, but we also purposefully limit our product selection.

We don't stock every diet food under the sun, but instead only the best products not normally found locally. And here is why...

2. When your food choices fuel your body for fat loss you will lose more weight, have fewer cravings, and be more healthy. Although there is a big world of diet foods, not all of them will actually help you.

An easy example is whole grain cereals packed with sugar.

A harder example is if you jump into the nitty gritty of comparing our diet muffins ounce for ounce, you'll find they are sometimes 50% lower in calories and carbs than more widely available diet muffins.

It turns out that by focusing on the diet foods that are a 'step above' the rest:

1. The diet foods we carry are created to often be both low in calories and low in carbs or consisting of very healthy, slow digesting carbs.

Consuming these types of foods creates an environment where calories are burned extra slow by your metabolism and wind up being used for energy rather than fat.

2. As a result of the ingredients required to achieve these superior nutritionals, and the often perishable nature of the products, they are short on filler and long on quality.

Losing fat is great, but if it makes you sick or you put it back on (and more) as soon as you stop, you are no better off.

By incorporating our products into your diet you can finally approach your weight from the mindset of living a healthy lifestyle, rather than bouncing between crash diets and weight gain.

By providing you variety in your diet and products that keep the weight off, your healthy lifestyle is easier.

There are a million and one diets under the sun. The best diet is the one you can stick with.

Personally, we believe the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy body composition is to follow a diet of appropriate calories made up of healthy fats*, healthy carbs*, and sufficient protein*. Although the optimal breakdown might vary from person to person.

Linda's Diet Delites is, by far, the most extensive on-line store for healthy and diet-friendly products.

As a Nutritionist, not only do I purchase things for myself, but it's the only store I recommend to my clients due to it's low prices and wide range of products.

It's only made better by how they're always ontop of new trends and companies.

The best selection AND prices? Talk about a rare find!
- Joy R
1. You want the latest supplement claiming to 'melt the fat off your body.'

2. You're looking for 100-calorie pack versions of high fat, high carb cookies and chips.

3. You'd rather spend hours hand crafting your baked goods than have them delivered to your door.

4. You're looking for vegan, raw, or 100% organic. Were not knocking it, that is just not us.

5. You want a complete, done for you meal plan. We won't ship you a box with meals for every day of the week, but we will ship you a box with brownies for your dessert after a healthy meal, muffins to go with your morning plate of eggs, and bread to utilize in your sandwich.

The Truth: To get the body and lifestyle you want you don't need pills, you don't need creams, and you don't even need a gym if you really don't want to.

Likewise, you don't have to buy diet food from us, but your chances for success are significantly greater if you do.

By incorporating the foods we offer into your diet, we find many people are able to stick to their diet longer because it provides greater variety, they are able to have foods that they wouldn't be able to make at home (even with serious chef inspired dedication), and in many cases the cost of the item is significantly cheaper than if you were to attempt to create it at home. We've heard some horror stories about spending big bucks on bread machines, ingredients, hours of lost time, and only winding up with a poor tasting loaf.

Why Others Shop Here: People come to us to get those unique products to keep them on track.

Then they return again and again because our products aren't built on hype, the website has been created to make browsing and shopping easy, and our customer service is always here if you need help.

"I'm so glad I found this site...This is a wonderful place to order from. The selection of foods is unbeatable, the customer service is unsurpassed and the shipping is very quick.

...I can't believe how great these foods taste and it's wonderful to have such variety."
- Nancy C.

"Always satisfied with the products, huge selection, new products and most of all the great service!"
- Maria S.
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